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About Us

WIPPERS is the world’s first Kids D.I.Y Lifestyle Brand!

 Most parents will tell you while kids don’t pay the mortgage, they actually own the home. Recognising this dynamic, we set out to meaningfully engage kids in their home environment by creating a brand that offers an array of projects, tools  and décor that allow them to really get involved.

Built on the fact that childhood is very much a work-in-progress, we endeavour to deliver fun products that introduce kids to the principles of ownership, autonomy, responsibility, creativity and design. We believe that WIPPERS practical and purposeful play serves as a healthy antidote to the digital worlds that occupy so much of kids time.

 WIPPERS itself is a work-in-progress, we’re constantly in design and development mode – we have a grand vision for kids in the home! We want to re-scale home improvement to fit a kids perspective and imagination.

 At WIPPERS we're keen to help kids develop an understanding of how things are actually made – fostering a culture of transparency and interactivity, building a community of doers.

 We can’t wait for you to join the WIPPERS movement!